About us
About us
RentMeCar.net – it is an aggregator of local rental companies. We find small rental companies that work only in their city, choose the best of them and control the quality of their work. And our customers, renting any of the cars, receive a standard high-quality service.

International rental companies often cannot provide the right quality of service, so we cooperate with small local rentals. Often it is a family business with one office and several dozen cars. Some companies have been working in this field for 20, and some for 40 years. We carefully approach the choice of partners, personally get acquainted with each of them and monitor the quality of their work based on the feedback of our customers.

By taking a car through us, you will be able to meet or even make friends with the owner of the rental company, exchange phone numbers with him for the future. As a rule, these are sincere and hardworking people. In the age of international corporations and monopolies, you will be able to support their small businesses. Personally, I like to deal with such people. I think it will be pleasant for you too.
We work with the support of such large resources as: MyTravel-Agent , cTransfer and Travel apps.
We want to order a car. What is the difference between a CASCO and a super CASCO, if in both cases there is a deposit condition of 150 euros?
CASCO does not cover damage to windows, wheels and the bottom of the car. That is, in case of damage to these elements, the tenant will have to compensate for the full cost of repairs. SuperCoach insurance extends the effect of a regular CASCO on these elements and avoids large expenses for their repair.
Can I get a car in one city and return it in another?
Yes, you can. To do this, when searching, specify the desired cities of receipt and return in the appropriate fields. This option is called “Delivery". Its cost will be immediately indicated in the card of each car.
How much do I need to deposit for booking?
When booking, you make an advance payment in the amount of 15-20% of the rental price and pay the rest when you receive the car.
Which of the presented cars are free?
All the cars that you see on our website are available on the specified dates.
By making a reservation, you reserve them for the dates you specified and no one else can book them anymore.
Can you tell me how to change the reservation?
Write a reply letter to our letter with a voucher with your wishes, and we will make the necessary changes.
What documents are needed to get a car?
Upon receipt of the car, you will need a passport, a national driver's license (IDUs are not required in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Crimea, Sochi, Kaliningrad, Montenegro and Georgia) and a car rental voucher, which you receive after paying for the order (it is possible in electronic form).
Will I get exactly the car I booked?
Rental companies whose cars are presented on our website undertake to provide their customers with exactly the cars that were booked. However, in rare cases, it is possible to replace the model with a similar car or a class higher. This happens rarely and is always decided in favor of the client. For example, a Toyota Yaris can be replaced with a Toyota Corolla (class above), due to the fact that the previous tenant damaged the Yaris in an accident.
We ordered a car with a child seat. Is it sure to be?
Yes, chairs are provided without fail.
Most cars on rentmecar.net a deposit of 100 euros, is this true? It's just that most rental offices have at least 600 euros.
Yes, all the information on the cars page is up-to-date and accurate. High deposits are typical for international online rentals. We cooperate with local companies whose conditions are much more loyal to the client.
Is it possible to enter a second driver into the contract?
Yes, of course. Select the “Additional Driver” service in the car card. Upon receipt of the car, the company manager will enter the data of both drivers into the rental agreement.

How to get a car right?
Upon receipt of the car, you need to carefully read and sign the rental agreement. In the act of receiving / transmitting, you need to indicate all the damage that is present on the car, and note the fuel level in the tank. We recommend taking photos of the car from all sides and separately taking photos of those places on the body where there is noticeable damage. When returning the car, these photos will help clarify the nature of the damage noted in the act.
Am I obliged to inform someone about my route or departure abroad?
You are obliged to inform the rental company about the planned crossing of state borders. You don't have to inform about moving around the country. But it would be quite useful to ask the local manager about the condition of the roads and the best routes in the areas where you are going to go.
What should I do if something happens to the car while traveling?
First of all, you need to contact an employee of the rental company and describe the situation. Contacts are indicated in the voucher and in the rental agreement. All other actions and calls can be taken only after consulting with him. It is the manager who will help you get out of this situation with the least losses.
How much fuel do I need to return the car with?
The car returns with the same amount of fuel in the tank, which was at the time of the car delivery. With less fuel, the lessee pays the difference on the spot at the rates of the rental company. With more fuel, the difference is not refunded to the customer.
I am 21 years old, I got my license 1.5 years ago. Can I rent a car from you?
Each country has its own conditions according to the age and length of service of the tenant. They are dictated by insurance companies that insure rental cars in this country. On average, the minimum age of the tenant is 22 years, and the minimum driving experience is 2 years. The length of service is calculated from the date of receipt of the driver's license. But sometimes exceptions are possible. For example, if only one of these conditions is not met.
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