Car rental in Cyprus
A total of 889 cars with an average price 37€ per day
Many tourists and travellers say that cars in the Republic of Cyprus is a necessity, not a luxury. And they are absolutely right. All Cyprians, without exception, use cars.
Many tourists prefer travelling by car, and car hire is the perfect solution when your vacation is short and you want to see as much as possible but the public transport will not take you to all destinations of your choice. That is why car rental is well developed in Cyprus, and you can hire any vehicle on the island, from a compact car to a luxury convertible.
Since the Republic’s land area is small, one or two weeks of vacation with a car can be enough to explore it all.
Experienced tourists recommend pre-booking a hire car in Cyprus online because it can be challenging to find a suitable vehicle at local rental counters in high season.
Car rental in Cyprus gives you the ultimate driving experience. You’ll love the roads. Road surface and marking are perfect, and most traffic signs are in both Grek and English. Automobile traffic is disciplined. You can only be slightly bothered by the bikers who often speed and do not follow the rules. In all other respects, car hire in Cyprus is a wonderful experience.

What you need to rent a car:
From the documents you will need:

Driver's licens

iD or Passport
Bank card

When booking a rental car in Cyprus, it would be a good idea to choose a vehicle with air conditioning (AC) system. The climate is hot on the island, especially in July and August.
Popular questions about car rental in Cyprus
  • 1
    🛫What will happen to my reservation if the flight is canceled?
    We recommend taking a car with a free cancellation. So, in case of cancellation of the order, you will not be charged a commission, and we will refund the entire amount if the cancellation occurred more than 24 hours before receiving the car.
  • 2
    💰When i should pay for rent?
    When booking, you only pay an advance of 15% of the rental price, and pay the rest when you receive the car.
  • 3
    ✅ Which cars on website are free for rent?
    All the cars that you see on our website are available on the specified dates.
    By making a reservation, you reserve them for the dates you specified and no one else can book them anymore.
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